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Protect and Maintain Your AC Unit in the Winter

When hot summer days are finally over, one of the most important things we all do is turn off our air conditioners. Your AC has taken care of you during hot days, so you should maintain proper care of it during cold months. According to the latest EIA Residency Consumption Survey, people spend almost 12% of their yearly expenditures on air conditioners.

These are the ways by which you can protect your AC in the winter, so that you don't have to rush for your air conditioning repair as soon as summer starts.

Cleaning Your AC Unit

To clean your AC unit properly, you should check if there are any fallen leaves, branches, dust, or debris present. If there is, clean it properly. Check and clean both inner and outer AC units. Remember cleaning is needed to avoid air conditioning repair.

Care of Thermostat

Just turning off your AC is not enough, you can tinker with the thermostat to maintain a reasonable temperature. Whenever you leave your home, don't forget to adjust your thermostat, otherwise, you will return to an unpleasant house temperature.

Covering the AC Unit

Moisture and debris can grow if you cover the AC unit fully, but if you want to protect your AC unit from snow, leaves, and other dust, then you can just cover it from the top with plywood. To make sure that the shelter of plywood stays in its position, place a brick or anything heavy in order to prevent it from moving from its place.

AC Maintenance

Before turning off your AC unit, make sure to get it checked by a professional technician for air conditioning repair. There could be some minor faults in your AC units that are not visible but can cause problems later in summer, so it's better to get them checked.

Frequent Off-Season Checkups

Don't forget about your AC unit while you are not using it. Keeping checking both inner and outer unit. Pay attention to the thermostat occasionally for any dirt, debris, or any fault. If you see any fault, just call an air conditioner repair team. Don't do anything by yourself.

AC units should be taken good care of during winters so that they don't cause any problems in summers. Still, if there's any issue, take the help of a professional. Contact us if you are ever in need of our services!