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At Affordable Heating & Cooling in Mt. Juliet, we prioritize your health and comfort by offering comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Services designed to tackle the invisible threats within your home. Understanding the significance of maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment, we specialize in reducing indoor air pollution through advanced solutions that address volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants. Our expert team is equipped with the latest technology and knowledge to offer free estimates on air purification system installations, ensuring your living space remains safe, clean, and conducive to your well-being. Dive into our range of services tailored to enhance the quality of your indoor air, from innovative air purifiers to UV light installations, all backed by our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Prevent VOCs From Creating an Unhealthy Atmosphere

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are created in many different ways:

  • Materials used in manufacturing furniture and carpet off-gas

  • Fumes from cleaning chemicals and air fresheners

  • Burning candles

  • Using gas appliances

All these add up to create indoor air pollution that has minimal means of finding its way outside. Many homes are sealed tightly to avoid losing heated and cooled air, but this also traps VOCs inside.

What can be done to reduce this indoor pollution?

Ventilation by bringing in fresh air is one option, but depending on where you live, outdoor air can also be full of contaminants. Ventilators can be installed that will pull indoor air out and replace it with preconditioned air from your HVAC system. We also recommend that you use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms to rid your home of excess humidity and cooking smells. Contact us today for FREE estimates on air purification system installations. We work with top brands like Reme Halo and Air Scrubber.

Count on Us to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Effectively

When it comes to dealing with HVAC services, no one knows better than the renowned technicians at Affordable Heating and Cooling. You can be sure that we'll resolve all your HVAC needs in no time and provide competitively-priced solutions.

To reduce indoor air pollution, we'll install air purifiers within your existing heating and cooling system. These systems will purify your air by removing biological particulates, including bacteria and viruses. The effectiveness of air purifiers is an impressive 99%.

UV lights are typically installed to shine on the evaporator coils in your air handler. Because the coils often produce condensation, they are a ready source for biological growth. UV lights destroy the capabilities of these biological particulates to reproduce, effectively eliminating the opportunity for growth. Reach out to us for further assistance on air purifying systems. Our services come with a one-year labor warranty, and you can take advantage of our senior and veteran discounts too!

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