UV Duct Cleaning

UV Duct Cleaning

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How it Works

UV lights are typically installed to shine on the evaporator coils in your air handler. Because the coils often produce condensation, they are a ready source for biological growth. UV lights destroy the capabilities of these biological particulates to reproduce, effectively eliminating the opportunity for growth. Reach out to us for further assistance on air purifying systems. Our services come with a one-year labor warranty, and you can take advantage of our senior and veteran discounts too!

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Benefits Of Ultraviolet Lights In Air Ducts

UV lighting devices provide numerous health benefits when integrated into your home's HVAC system. Residents in Tennessee seeking improved indoor air quality are encouraged to consider incorporating UV lighting into their heating and cooling systems. Discover the advantages of UV lights within your ductwork and reach out to Affordable Heating and Cooling for further inquiries.

Benefits of UV light installation and cleaning include:

1. Improved Airflow

2. Energy Efficiency

3. Cost Effective Cleaning

4. Reducing Pathogens

Count on Us to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution Effectively

When it comes to dealing with HVAC services, no one knows better than the renowned technicians at Affordable Heating and Cooling. You can be sure that we'll resolve all your HVAC needs in no time and provide competitively-priced solutions.

To reduce indoor air pollution, we'll install air purifiers within your existing heating and cooling system. These systems will purify your air by removing biological particulates, including bacteria and viruses. The effectiveness of air purifiers is an impressive 99%.

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